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Quality Assurance Auditing


Quality Assurance Auditing occurs before the signing of the contract between the Client and the potential supplier/manufacturer. We assist our Client in choosing the most suitable and efficient supplier who can deliver. The Client can be more assured that the suppliers have adequate manpower, material and organization resources to provide the quality required for the contract.

Our auditors visit to the supplier shop to ensure that materials/equipment and personnel comply with our Client’s specifications. We also ensure that the supplier’s Quality system is aligned to our Client’s Quality Assurance requirements. A Quality Assurance Auditing report is submitted to our Client to provide a professional assessment of the supplier capacity and resources to provide the quality requested by the client.

Factory Audits


Before placing an order with a factory it is advisable to perform a factory audit. Being able to ensure production meets specifications through implementation of the correct techniques and the right materials can be challenging. Region Diversified Is able to conduct ad hoc audits to verify whether any vendor’s Quality & HSE management systems based on ISO 9001:2008; BS OHSAS 18001 are duly implemented, maintained and updated.

Region Diversified has staffs that are proficient in ISO quality system and qualified internal and external audits. The audit is based on above standards, manuals and procedures. Vendor audits are performed by certified auditors. It can offer an effective Third Party Inspection to the international clients to meet the following purposes: to verify the comprehensive capacity of enterprises, such as production capacity, manufacturing process, technical capacity, quality management system and export experience etc; minimize production risks; assure the quality; provide all expected information of manufacturer; help you complete the risk management so that your business could achieve the maximum profits.

Shop Survey

This service ensures that the Client’s suppliers or sub-suppliers are able to meet the Client’s requirements, purchase order specifications and ITP in terms of technical capability and quality assurance/quality control.

In-process inspection

This type of inspection is performed during the manufacturing process in order to ensure that the suppliers fully meet the client’s purchase order requirement and project specification during design and manufacturing.

Witnessed and or Performance test

The witnessing of the tests performed on completed products is realised in order to ensure that the test equipment and the testing methods fully comply with the client’s purchase order requirement and project specification, as well as the applicable standards and procedures, inspection test plan (ITP) when performing the tests.

Packing / Marking and Pre-shipment Inspection

This inspection ensures that packing and marking is in accordance with requirements of the purchase order requirements for transportation, preservation and storage to the destination. We also ensure that shipping documents are in accordance with prescribed purchase order requirements and shipping is completed against specification and the packing list.

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