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Engineering Consultancy

For management, the daily operations of running their departments, at times places enormous pressure on the limited resources they have. To overcome these difficulties, Region Diversified maintain a comprehensive database of qualified engineers, inspectors and technicians and support personnel to identify the correct personnel with expert knowledge resolve our Client’s problem from the conceptual design stage to the commissioning stage or the activities in between.

For many companies the challenges can be more multifarious and we have the resources to support. Within our database we have highly qualified chartered engineers who have accumulated many years experience in the Oil and Gas industries and are specialized in their chosen area. These consultants are able to formulate reports and give expert advice of often highly complex engineering problems. They can also commission feasibility studies on topics from Oil Recovery, Project Feasibility, and Market Survey, Plan review on behalf of Owners, Pre-Purchase Inspection, Structural Analysis, Contract Specifications, and Rigs Design to the most economical method of transporting it to the site.



Project Support and Project Management


Region Diversified, being a market leader in this segment, is the first choice of companies looking for direct project management or project management consulting services. Region Diversified is also ready and able in identifying and assembling highly qualified Professionals to serve our customers.  Over the past few years, we have participated in numerous high profile projects in Singapore. Among many projects, we provided over 90% of the outsourced professionals to our client, to support them directly in two major semi-submersible construction projects.  The cost of the projects amount to USD $1 billion, as the projects complete, our staff are subsequently seconded to other projects.

Region Diversified offers Quality, effective and client-oriented services in all stages of project management (from conceptualization to completion). Individually, as a team or as an extension of your staff, Region Diversified can provide direct support for your organization, helping you in getting your projects completed in due time, within the allocated budget as well as in meeting your quality objectives.

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