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Industry Experience


Oil & Gas

This is by far the largest operational field of Region Diversified. Whatever the sector in the oil & gas industry; upstream, midstream or downstream. Region Diversified is able to provide a vast range of services, covering a diverse range of equipment and products. Our skills, ability, professionalism, coupled with significant geographical coverage and a cost saving philosophy, have been appreciated and acknowledged by the major EPC and Oil operators who have chosen Region Diversified to nurture worldwide projects, from small too big.



The petrochemical industry transforms petroleum and natural gas into useful products or raw materials. These petrochemicals have become an essential part of the Chemical industry that converts such raw materials into thousands of different products. Both industries play a central role in the modern world economy, as well as the economic progress of the emerging markets. We at Region Diversified have participated in several Chemical and Petrochemical projects, providing a multitude of services to the top EPC companies and operators in this field.


Power Generation

Region Diversified being one of the market leaders in this segment, has provided a wide range of services to several Power Generation Projects including nuclear, coal, hydroelectric, oil & gas and renewable Energy sources. We have accumulated over the years a vast experience in this field, and we are well positioned to cover all the components of a Power Generation Plant, by means of knowledgeable professionals positioned in key locations worldwide.



Region Diversified has provided its services on a broad range of equipments and components utilized by the major EPC and owners / operators within the marine industry. Our expertise in this field encompasses the whole range of oil & gas platforms, as well as FPSO, FSO, MOPU, MODU, Pipe layers and Cable layers. Services are rendered at vendor shops, fabrication yards and ship yards in diverse locations around the world.



Since some of the hydrocarbons reservoirs are located under many inland and offshore waters around the globe, several EPC and owner / operators have intensified the exploration, drilling and development of oil and gas fields in underwater locations. The level of know – how and experience achieved by Region Diversified in this segment has grown along with the growth of the subsea exploitation. We have been involved in numerous shelf or deep water projects, providing a variety of services covering all key components of the whole subsea production system.



Region Diversified is internationally recognized as one of the few companies able to oversee pipelines projects of any size. Services provided includes inspection & expediting, as well as supervision & monitoring of line pipe manufacturing, bending, welding, coating and testing processes, for any kind of tubular products.



Region Diversified has been providing its services in the OCTG field since its establishment. The range of services provided embraces inspection & expediting, supervision of manufacturing processes as well as threading, NDT, and testing processes. Services are available worldwide and even at short notice.



Region Diversified has been involved in significant Pharmaceutical projects working in close contact with the most prominent engineering firms. Being the pharmaceutical industries a very sensitive field, we are all aware of the multitude of laws and regulations, processes and testing requirements, and we have proactively contributed in ensuring quality, safety and efficacy of the projects we participated in.

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